Discover Your Most Valuable Selling Point & Attract More Clients

JobsWell-paid generalists in every profession are becoming extinct. To be viable in today’s market one must be a specialist with a clear most valuable selling point. But you can no longer differentiate yourself from all others by describing what you do. No matter how far you niche yourself down others can still claim that niche.

The only way you can truly stand out is to be the only thing that no one else can. That one core thing is being boldly and totally you.

What if there was one magic bullet that could simultaneously?

  • Differentiate you from all others in your field while becoming known as “the” expert
  • Increase the probability of you earning more money
  • Allow you to be deeply fulfilled in work that truly matters
  • While making your marketing easier and more effective

Business Growth Coach


That magic bullet is your one core thing. I’m Tom Volkar and I’ve been helping clients get to the heart of what matters for 17 years. It would be my honor to help you.

Here’s why this is the most effective way to grow your business.

This is a totally new, results-driven approach, not the same exercises you’ve seen elsewhere.

I’ve learned the hard way that just doing what you love to do isn’t enough. You must also give your ideal clients exactly what they need while providing it in a way that they want to buy it.

When you know how to confidently express the highest value of what you do it’s much easier to get people to buy from you.

one core thingOf all the things you can do, which can you do remarkably more effectively than anyone else because you are the one delivering it? Your one core thing (most valuable selling point) is the sharpest and most valuable distinction that you can make from other practitioners in your field.

Hear what the first One Core Thing certified solo service providers have to say.

Dana Sutton

The great results from this challenging process were made possible by Tom’s firm guidance and his insistence that no participant would be left behind.   Dana Sutton

The One Core Thing program exceeded my expectations by bringing me the clarity I needed to discover my exquisite personal expression.  Feeling certain of what I do best with Tom’s committed expertise was immensely grounding so I could claim my best audience, unique services, and potential outcomes.   Patricia Halverson

Sean Forrester

As a member of the initial “Discover Your One Core Thing” course, I appreciated the way in which Tom structured the questions, exercises and agreements each week. This provided me a step-by-step approach to peel back the layers and articulate my distinctive gift. I am very pleased with the final results and am now able to go for the gold. Sean F. Forrester

Working with Tom, I have clearly defined and now own my most valuable selling point. It is the foundation of my business. Priscilla Robinson

Priscilla Robinson
Wayne Yost

Until I participated in the One Core Thing program led by Tom Volkar all I had were some vague thoughts about why what and how I wanted to focus my coaching. The structure, process and assistance with wordsmithing brought me into a crystal clear articulation of what I uniquely offer.  Wayne Yost

Tom employs a unique blend of mind-opening questions and down-to-earth direction. Through this process, I dreamed big and then immediately learned how to connect my dreams to concrete processes!  Jennifer Wenzel

Jennifer Wenzel

Let’s walk through this experience and how it will help you now.

I’ve created this special five-week experience to help you get more clients. Let me show you what’s inside:

  • Group Coaching – We’ll be using a specially created, supportive group coaching environment. This teaching works better in a small group where you can be inspired by the progress of your fellow pioneers while receiving their unconditional support.
  • Core Nature Alignment – This is not an analytical approach but an energetic one. At each step of the way, you’ll be guided to assess how your one thing aligns with your elemental nature and signature energy. That way you’ll end up with a final service that you’ll be eager to deliver. Your innate wisdom will guide you far better than an outside-in approach that uses analytical comparison and the viewpoints of others.
  • Supercharged Corridor Theory – The corridor theory states that you don’t know which doors of opportunity will open until you get up off your butt and walk down the hall.  Your one core thing is waiting to be discovered five doors down but in order to get to the next door, you must complete the agreements of the previous one before seeing possibilities you were previously blind to.  We’ll use supercharged accountability by expanding your awareness so you have fresh perspective each step of the way.
  • Marketing Support Beyond Discovery – It warms my heart to offer a no-man-or-woman-left-behind experience and this group is it. You have my word that as long as you complete our agreements you will not fail to reveal your one core thing. Furthermore, once you’ve identified your one core thing I won’t send you off on your own to figure out how to market it. Read on for a special twist on how we’ll do this together.

Once you register for Discover Your One Core Thing here’s what you get:

  • In-depth accountability worksheets in a 17-page manual that go progressively deeper with each set of agreements
  • Five live group coaching sessions (via the phone)  with unlimited Q & A time (group size is  limited to 12 for optimum interaction).
  • Audio recordings of all the above sessions
  • Two 15 minute one-on-one individual turbo-boost sessions to be used in your greatest time of need
  • Done for you marketing templates so you can offer your one core thing in the most effective way
  • Your own web page on this special one core thing website where the world can find your special thing
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Finally, you get all of me. I deeply care about you being richly rewarded and deeply fulfilled simply for you being you

Our next experience begins May 31, 2016; lock in your spot below. All session are on Tuesdays from 5 to 6 PM Eastern time. 

I’m very excited to work individually with you on this most important mission.

You get everything for the investment of only $337.  Register now to lock in your spot.

This powerful transformative training is available to only the first twelve pioneers who register and commit. Then the group will close until next time.