One Core Thing Experts

Certified Expert* One Core Thing Statements

I show you how to end an undesirable life situation by revealing its root cause so that you can choose what brings you peace and fulfillment.   Irina Grundler

I intuitively guide you beyond your self-imposed limits so that you choose with clarity and confidence the creative path that was meant for you.  Priscilla Robinson

I facilitate new perspectives that restore your child-like wonder and encourage enthusiastic, joyful discoveries that lead you to recover your passion and become fully alive.   Dana Sutton

I help solopreneurs authentically connect with their audience through audio by teaching just what you need to know to sound great.  Jennifer Wenzel

I show you how to end negativity and doubt by recognizing your soul’s voice and living your most inspired, meaningful life.  Patricia Halverson

I create an environment wherein you transform your life through greater understandings.    Ray Rife

I liberate the individual’s potential within the group, so all may thrive through synergy.   Sean Forrester

I empower you to acknowledge, navigate and leverage transitions for a more fruitful ministry.  Wayne Yost

I end doubt and delay by guiding you to choose what matters most to you, and is most valuable to others.  Tom Volkar

  • Each of the above folks have completed the One Core Thing program.