Is my one core thing the same as my true calling

No.  It’s sacred like a calling. Your one core thing is your most unique capacity to do something extraordinary. As such it’s definitely foundational to your calling. Furthermore it’s a distinctive capacity that can be applied in multiple situations, professions and industries. A calling is a larger mission or business and is a framework that can be built around your one core thing.

You state that my one core thing is in alignment with my signature energy, what’s that? 

There’s no one like you who can do exactly what you can do in the way you can do it.  That uniqueness is your competitive advantage in the marketplace.  It can’t be faked or constructed.  It’s who you truly are.  What you’re feeling (while doing it) in a way no other can feel, is your signature energy.  When you’re connected to your natural ideal clients and exercising your one core thing, they can feel the same energy.

It’s your choice to consciously radiate this one of a kind energy that often feels wild and vulnerable. It’s the energy that no one else has ever been willing to be. It’s both the energetic contribution you give and the lift you receive when you give it.

For example, I’m a coach who comes alive while taking clients on deep guided journeys to the exact result they most desire. The feelings I inspire and receive along the way (my signature energy) I’ve dubbed exhilarated empowerment.

Exhilarated empowerment is a determined, “can do” mindset, combined with expansive, confident energy to create whatever project or objective that matters most to you in any given moment.

Your signature energy is the answer to this question. When sincerely interacting with another, what do we both feel, when I’m being my unbridled self, without regard for how I look or what others might think?

How has knowing your one core thing made a difference in your business?

Focus, it’s an extremely effective focusing tool. I now know what I’m going to do and never have to ask that question at the start of any day. That focus has made marketing much easier because I now have a pre-determined, dedicated platform strategy from which to express.

A platform is a publishing strategy that by consistently communicating points of differentiation raises you above commoditized competition by demonstrating the value you offer.  It includes examples in the form of distinctions, stories, concepts or case studies that illustrate the value and utility of your one core thing along with supporting distinctive viewpoints.